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Your shopping guide to Allstate auto, homeowners, and renters insurance. Discover coverages, discounts, and how to get quotes.

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Based in Northfield Township, Illinois, Allstate is one of the largest and most well-known insurance companies. In 2021, the company wrote over 41 billion property/casualty premiums, according to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC). Allstate offers several forms of insurance—including auto, home, and renters—as well as investment and banking services. Allstate does business in all 50 states and Washington, D.C.

This guide will tell you everything you need to know about Allstate auto, homeowners, and renters insurance. This includes detailed information about types of coverages, discounts, and rate factors. Finally, we’ll give you some important Allstate company information, including its financial strength, customer satisfaction rating, claims process, and more.


  • Lots of coverage options
  • Fourth-largest property casualty insurer
  • Extra home and renters coverages
  • Numerous local agents


  • Higher than average rates
  • More complaints than average
  • Fewer auto discounts

Allstate Auto Insurance

Allstate is one of the top ten largest auto insurers in the country, according to the Insurance Information Institute (III). It’s also known for its high level of customer satisfaction. J.D. Power gave Allstate a score of 854 out of 1,000 on its 2022 national insurance shopping study. Allstate’s J.D. Power rating places it sixth in the US among all insurers.

Allstate Auto Coverages

Allstate offers several types of auto insurance coverage. This includes all of the basic ones, such as liability insurance and full coverage, that you may need to protect your car. Below is a full breakdown of Allstate’s auto insurance coverage options:

Liability Insurance

Allstate provides liability insurance. This type of coverage protects you from any damages or injuries you cause to others in an at-fault accident. Most states require this type of coverage, at minimum, to get behind the wheel.

Collision Insurance

Collision insurance covers any damages to your car from hitting a physical object. This includes single-car accidents. Collision is a key part of full coverage auto insurance.

Comprehensive Insurance

Comprehensive is another part of full coverage. It protects you from damages to your car due to “acts of God” or random disasters, such as:

  • Vandalism and theft
  • Weather and natural disasters
  • Hitting an animal

Medical Payments Coverage (MedPay) and Personal Injury Protection (PIP)

Allstate offers both MedPay and PIP for those living in no-fault states or anyone who wants extra coverage. MedPay and PIP cover you or your passengers’ injuries in an accident regardless of fault.

Uninsured and Underinsured Motorist Coverage (UM and UIM)

With Allstate, you can add UM and UIM coverage to your policy. These protect against costs that a driver with not enough or too little insurance causes. Some states, such as New York or New Jersey, may require this coverage.

Rental Reimbursement Coverage

Rental reimbursement pays for you to have a rental car while yours is in the shop. This only kicks in if your car needs repairs because of a covered accident.

New Car Replacement Coverage

If your car is totaled, this coverage will help you replace your new car. This means you’ll be able to get one of the same make, model, and year.

Gap Insurance

Gap insurance pays the difference between what you owe on your car and its actual cash value (ACV). If you total your car, this will ensure you don’t have to pay your loan out of pocket.

Repair Provision Coverage

If your new car only has a partial loss in value, this coverage will step in to pay for the repairs at replacement cost.

Personal Umbrella Policy

A great way to add extra liability coverage is with an umbrella policy. Allstate offers personal umbrella policies if you want further protection from expensive liability claims.

Classic Car Insurance

If you own a classic or collector car, you can get coverage for it with Allstate. This is a good idea if you plan on taking your car on the road.

Car Insurance for Mexican Travel

It’s important to have car insurance if you’re planning to drive in Mexico. Allstate offers a Mexico tourist insurance policy that’ll adequately protect you. This policy is separate from your regular one. Well before your trip to Mexico, be sure to speak with your Allstate agent about adding this policy so you’re fully protected.

Allstate Motor Club (Roadside Assistance)

Allstate’s Motor Club is its version of roadside assistance. The insurer offers several types of roadside assistance services. You can even join Allstate’s standalone program if you don’t have a policy with the company. You read that right. You can sign up for Allstate Motor Club roadside services even when another insurance provider covers your vehicle. 

Allstate allows drivers to access its services in three different ways:

  1. Membership plans: roadside advantage and roadside elite
  2. Pay-per-use plan
  3. As an add-on to your existing Allstate insurance policy

Each method is priced according to how you use them. But, for the most part, the roadside assistance services provided under each plan are the same. They just have different max annual benefits. You’ll get the following with each plan:

  • 24/7 service
  • Accessible on mobile app
  • Towing
  • Lockout service
  • Fuel delivery
  • Battery jump-starts

Note: Allstate doesn’t charge batteries for electric vehicles, but it will help you get to a charging station or tow you home.

Allstate’s roadside advantage and elite plans are where people can see the most benefits. They’re both available to anyone and include several features that you can’t often find with other insurance companies. Here are some important features of each program:

Roadside Advantage

  • Cost for first-year members: $89 per year
  • Up to five rescues each year for the above benefits
  • $1,500 of trip interruption coverage
  • Road hazard benefit (two uses per year at $100 each)

Roadside Elite

  • Cost for first-year members: $164 per year
  • Up to five rescues each year for the above benefits
  • $1,500 of trip interruption coverage
  • Road hazard benefit (two uses per year at $250 each)
  • Coverage for RVs and motorcycles

How to Request Allstate’s Roadside Assistance

You can get emergency roadside assistance from Allstate using the company’s website or mobile app. Another way to request coverage is by calling the Allstate roadside assistance phone number (877) 597-3393.

Allstate Auto Insurance Term Length

The most common Allstate auto insurance policy term length is six months. Many people like the flexibility the shorter term length affords. It’s also easier to pay smaller premiums in full to take advantage of payments discounts. Other people prefer to lock in rates that seem to rise every renewal. They can negotiate other term periods, including 12-month terms. But Allstate doesn’t offer short-term or temporary car insurance coverage. For that, you’ll need to look elsewhere.

High-Risk Auto Insurance

Allstate insures high-risk drivers through its subsidiary company, Safe Auto. These are usually drivers with lots of tickets and accidents on their record. It may also be someone who has a DUI or other serious driving offense. Either way, Safe Auto may offer you a policy in this case, but it’ll be at a very high rate. Many insurers also refer to high-risk coverage as non-standard insurance.

Insurance for Rebuilt Title Cars

Does Allstate insure rebuilt titles? Yes, they do. However, coverage for your rebuild isn’t a guarantee. Before you can purchase auto insurance for a car with a rebuilt title, you must prove that it’s streetworthy. The state will no doubt require that your car passes a vehicle safety inspection before certifying it. After that, your car will need to meet Allstate’s requirements to qualify for coverage.

You should expect to pay slightly more to insure a with a rebuilt title brand. The claims history of vehicles declared a total loss lead to higher rates. You should also expect to only qualify for liability coverage. Full coverage is uncommon for rebuilt cars no matter how much work was put into them.

How to Get an Allstate Quote

If Allstate’s looking like the right company for you, you’ll want to get a quote. You can get an Allstate quote in three easy steps:

When you get a quote with Allstate, you’ll need to provide some personal info. It may seem like a lot at first, but Allstate uses all of this info to give you a fair and accurate quote. Here’s what you may need to provide if you get a quote:

  • Your name
  • Address
  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • Age
  • Gender
  • How many drivers are on your policy
  • Desired coverages and limits
  • Make, model, and VIN of your car
  • If there have been any tickets or accidents on your record in the past five years
  • Whether you’ve filed or need to file an SR-22 form

Keep in mind that the quote you receive online may not be your final car insurance rate. You’ll usually need to speak with a representative to finalize your quote.

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Allstate Auto Rates

How much you pay for auto insurance with Allstate will vary based on several factors. These factors are small details about you that indicate your risk as a driver and customer. Some of these are within your control and others, such as your gender or age, won’t be. Below are common auto insurance rate factors that Allstate may consider:

  • Gender
  • Age
  • Where you live
  • The car you drive
  • Credit score
  • Driving record
  • Claims history

Allstate is known to be one of the more expensive insurers in the country. You can also expect their rates to increase due to inflation. Still, there are ways to lower your premium. Discounts are a great way to save money each month. For example, Allstate’s Drivewise program saves safe drivers up to 40%.

Allstate Auto Discounts

Allstate provides a set of auto insurance discounts that allow you to lower your rates. Many of them are fairly easy to qualify for and can knock a good percentage off your premium. Discounts are one of the key reasons why an insurance company could be the right choice for you. The more of them that match up with your life, the better fit the insurer is.

Customer Loyalty Discounts

Loyal customers who insure more than their car with Allstate reap massive savings with loyalty discounts such as bundling.

Multiple Policy Discount

This discount applies to Allstate customers with multiple policies. Save up to 25% when you purchase an Allstate car and home insurance bundle. You can bundle other insurance policy types as well, including condo, life, and renters.

Driver and Driving Behavior Discounts

Safe drivers and good students save big with these Allstate auto discounts. Rules and savings can vary by state.

Safe Driving Club

The first step in joining the Safe Driving Club is downloading the Allstate mobile app. Next, activate Drivewise, Allstate’s telematics program. The app’s motion detectors record some of your basic driving behaviors. Some of this data may include starts, stops, speeds, crashes, and time of day. They can also tell if and how long your phone’s used while driving.

Allstate Safe Driving Bonus Program

Just downloading and activating Drivewise in the app kicks off immediate savings. Joining the Safe Driving Bonus program is where you’ll find the greatest savings. Safe drivers with good driving habits as detected by their app can collect points. These points add up fast for the best drivers. Every six months, they’ll get an Allstate Safe Driving Bonus.

In other words, you’ll get a Safe Driving Bonus every six months if you go without an accident. Note that this depends on your driving history. How much you save depends on how safe you drive. It’s as easy as that. Your state could also be a factor in your bonus amount.

Bad drivers need not worry. Allstate claims it’ll never raise your rates when you perform poorly.

Smart Student Discount

This discount is an interesting combo of both the student away and good student discounts. Oddly enough, you can swing this discount even if your student’s not so good in school. Qualifying is easy. You or your child must be 24 or younger, unmarried, and meet just one of the following criteria:

  • Full-time student with a B- or 2.7 GPA or better
  • Live 100 miles away from where you garage your car
  • Completed the teenSMART driver education program. Check with your agent to confirm eligibility. (Discount not available in AZ, DC, HI, LA, MA, MN, NC, NJ, and NM)

Teen Driver Discounts

Allstate teases discounts for teen drivers on its website. But you must contact your Allstate agent to learn more.

Car-Based Discounts

Allstate awards these discounts to customers with newer cars with anti-theft devices and anti-lock brakes. Score a trifecta with all three criteria met to maximize savings!

Anti-Lock Brake Discount

The anti-lock brakes discount applies to vehicles with this safety feature. Look for “ABS” on the dashboard of newer model cars.

Anti-Theft Device Discount

Allstate’s anti-theft devices discount protects your car and pocketbook! You’ll just need to have an eligible anti-theft device on your car and you can qualify.

New Car Discount

Newer model cars get into fewer crashes. They’re in prime condition, with fresh tires and all the modern safety features that help them avoid collisions. To qualify for Allstate’s new car insurance discount, you must be the car’s first owner and its model year must be current or one year prior.

Auto Policy Discounts

Allstate provides many policy and payment discounts to help reduce your auto insurance premium. Most of these are no-brainers. Qualifying for discounts such as paperless documents, early signing, automatic payments, and most of the rest is within anyone’s wheelhouse.

Allstate eSmart Discount

Sign up for Allstate’s ePolicy to view your auto insurance policies online. It’s smart, easy, and it’ll save you money.

Early Signing Discount

The Allstate early signing discount applies when you sign your policy seven or more days before the effective date.

Easy Pay Plan Discount

The Allstate Easy Pay Plan discount applies when you schedule automatic payment withdrawals from your bank’s checking or savings account. Select any date you want to make your monthly Allstate auto insurance payment.

Allstate FullPay Discount

You’ll pay less for car insurance with Allstate when you pay your entire policy in full.

Responsible Payer Discount

To get this discount, all you need to do is pay your Allstate auto insurance bill on time every month for a year.

Deductible Rewards Program

This optional Allstate program will take off $100 from your collision deductible just for signing up. After that, every year you go accident-free reduces your collision deductible by another $100. The program tops out at $500.

If you get into an accident, it’ll deduct savings from your collision deductible. If you maxed the reward out at $500 and your deductible was also $500, you’d pay no collision deductible after an accident.

Contact your Allstate agent for program availability in your area.

Filing an Auto Insurance Claim with Allstate

Filing a car insurance claim is a simple process with Allstate. To file an auto claim, you’ll need to do so on Allstate’s website by either registering or logging into your existing account. You can also file a claim over the phone at (800) 255-7828.

You can track your claim by contacting your Allstate agent or by logging into your account. Each claim takes a unique amount of time to settle. An Allstate representative may be able to give you a more specific timetable for your claim.

Key Takeaway

Allstate is a good company for auto insurance. It provides plenty of coverage options to protect your car. There are also ways to lower your rates with discounts, such as with Drivewise. But there aren’t as many discounts as other insurers. Filing a claim is an easy process and Allstate’s agents will help you through it.

Allstate Homeowners Insurance

Allstate provides homeowners insurance to its customers. This protects your home and finances from random disasters. Below is a look at Allstate’s homeowners coverage options:

Allstate Homeowners Coverages

Allstate offers all of the basic home insurance coverage types. Here’s a breakdown of the homeowners coverage that Allstate provides:

Dwelling Coverage

This protects the physical structure of your home, such as your roof, walls, and floors. Like all other homeowners coverages, this only protects against covered disasters, such as:

  • Fire
  • Hail
  • Wind
  • Vandalism

Liability Protection

Allstate provides liability protection for your home. This protects you if you or any members of your household damage someone else’s property. It’ll also cover lawsuits or claims if someone sustains an injury on your property.

Personal Property Coverage

Your home insurance policy covers your personal belongings, no matter where they are in the world. If a covered disaster or peril destroys or causes you to lose your belongings, you’ll receive help in replacing them.

Guest Medical Protection

This pays for any injuries that guests on your property suffer. For example, if your kid’s friend falls down the stairs and breaks their leg, your coverage will step in to pay for any medical costs.

Allstate Homeowners Discounts

Allstate has several homeowners insurance discounts you can use to get better rates. A lot of these are easy to get and can save you a ton each month. Here’s a look at the discounts you can get with Allstate:

Multi-Policy Discount

Allstate gives out a discount for bundling your home and auto policies. This discount can save you up to 25% each month. All you have to do is buy both home and auto from Allstate to get it.

Responsible Payment Discount

This discount rewards those who choose to pay in full or with automatic payments. It also considers people with a positive payment record i.e., paying on time. Be sure to ask your agent about what you can specifically do to obtain this discount.

Claim-Free Discount

Having a record that’s clear of home insurance claims can get you this discount. This discount can save you up to 20% each month.

Welcome and Loyalty Discount

By switching to Allstate, you can save around 10% on your home insurance. This discount will remain each year that you stay with them.

Home Buyer Discount

If you just bought a home, you could get a discount on your homeowners policy. It’s also possible to get this discount if your home is a new construction.

Early Signing Discount

Signing your policy at least seven days before your present one expires can get you a nice discount with Allstate. This discount is an easy way to save up to 10% on your homeowners insurance.

Easy Pay Plan Discount

By setting up automatic payments each month, you can get an easy discount with Allstate. Keep in mind that Allstate will automatically charge you monthly for your policy. Automatic payments get rid of missed payments. Only set this up if you believe you can pay the same amount each month.

Protective Device Discount

If your house has anti-theft or fire-prevention measures in place, you can get a discount. Devices such as the following may make you eligible:

  • Fire and smoke alarms
  • Fire extinguishers
  • Burglar alarms
  • Security cameras

Extra Homeowners Coverage

Your standard homeowners policy will cover a lot. But there are still disasters that you won’t have protection from. Luckily, Allstate offers several extra coverage options to fill any gaps. These are:

  • Umbrella insurance. This helps you add extra liability coverage to protect against expensive claims and lawsuits.
  • Manufactured/mobile home insurance. With this policy, you can cover your mobile home from certain disasters.
  • Flood insurance. Homeowners policies don’t typically include flood insurance. This will help you protect against flood and water damage.
  • HostAdvantage. If you’re sharing your home, HostAdvantage will cover your belongings. This kicks in if a renter steals or damages any of your items.

Allstate Homeowners Rate Factors

Insurers consider several different factors when they’re determining your home insurance premium. These factors are details about you and your home that help insurers figure out how much to charge you. Below are some common homeowners rate factors that Allstate may consider:

  • Your home’s value
  • Where you live
  • Claim history
  • How much coverage you buy
  • Credit rating (only in states that allow it)

Filing a Homeowners Insurance Claim with Allstate

To file a home insurance claim with Allstate, you’ll need to either do so through their website or by calling (800) 255-7828. Once you file your claim with Allstate, these will be the next steps:

  • Allstate will assess the damages
  • You’ll receive a damage estimate and info about your claim settlement
  • Your home will receive the necessary repairs
  • Allstate will settle your claim

Key Takeaway

Allstate’s homeowners insurance is a good choice. It offers several coverages to protect your house. You also have the option of adding additional coverage to fill any gaps in your policy. Allstate also has several discounts to help you save money on your home insurance. Altogether, Allstate gives you all you need to fully protect your home.

Allstate Renters Insurance

If you’re a tenant, Allstate offers renters insurance to help you protect your belongings and finances. J.D. Power ranked Allstate fifth out of all other renters insurance providers in its 2021 customer satisfaction study.

Allstate Renters Coverages

Renters insurance policies are the same as homeowners, except they don’t cover the home’s structure. Allstate’s renters insurance policies include all of the standard coverage types, such as:

  • Personal property coverage. This covers your personal belongings from any damages or theft.
  • Liability protection. Covers any costs due to somebody getting injured in your rental unit. It also covers any damages you or other household members cause.
  • Reimbursed living expenses. If your rental unit is unlivable, this coverage will pay for any living expenses while your place undergoes repairs.
  • Guest medical coverage. Pays for any medical costs if a guest sustains injuries in your rental unit.

Allstate Renters Discounts

Renters insurance is already pretty cheap, but Allstate also offers a few discounts to save you even more money. These are Allstate’s renters insurance discounts:

  • Easy Pay Plan discount. Automatically paying each month will result in an easy renters insurance discount.
  • 55 and retired discount. Being 55 or over and being retired can get you a nice discount on your renters policy. This discount can save you up to 25%.
  • Multi-policy discount. Bundling your renters and auto insurance will get you a multi-policy discount. This also helps you save on auto insurance!

Extra Renters Coverage Options

Your renters insurance policy includes a lot, but you may still need extra coverage. Allstate offers several extra coverages you can add to your renters insurance policy:

  • Scheduled personal property. This raises coverage limits for valuable items, such as jewelry or art. Without it, you’d likely have to replace these items out of pocket.
  • Identity theft restoration. Pays for any costs that arise from someone stealing your identity.
  • Flood insurance. Renters and homeowners policies don’t normally include flood coverage. This covers any water damage that a flood causes.
  • Umbrella insurance. An umbrella policy adds extra liability protection. This helps you avoid paying out of pocket for expensive lawsuits or claims.

Allstate Renters Rate Factors

Your renters insurance rates depend on several different factors. These factors are small details that tell Allstate about you as a customer. Below are common renters insurance rate factors:

  • Credit history (in states that allow it)
  • Claims record
  • Where you live
  • How high or low your deductible is
  • How much coverage you buy

Filing a Renters Insurance Claim with Allstate

Filing a renters claim with Allstate is a fairly straightforward process. To file, you’ll need to visit their website or call them at (800) 255-7828. After you file a claim, Allstate will evaluate the damages to your property. They’ll then be able to settle your claim promptly. If you need to track your claim, you can do so on their website or by calling a representative at the phone number above.

Key Takeaway

Allstate is a good renters insurance choice because of all the coverage options it has. You can fully protect your rental unit and belongings with its coverages. There are also a couple of ways to receive discounts and save extra money.

Allstate Company Information

Allstate had a market share percentage of 5.19% in the property and casualty insurance industry in 2021, per an NAIC report. This number made them the fourth-largest insurer in the nation.

Here are some more facts about Allstate:


Allstate was born during a game of bridge. An insurance broker named Carl L. Odell suggested to his neighbor Robert E. Wood, who happened to be Sears’ Chairman General, that there should be a way to get auto insurance by direct mail. Wood liked the idea and took it back to his board of directors, who also approved of the model. Allstate was officially founded in April 1931 as part of Sears, Roebuck and Co. and began selling car insurance both by direct mail and in the Sears catalog.

Allstate adopted its famous slogan, “You’re in good hands,” in 1950. The company says that former vice president and general sales manager Davis Ellis came up with the idea after his daughter got sick. The doctor told her she was “in good hands,” giving the family a sense of relief. This stuck with Davis so much that he decided to make it the company’s slogan, showing customers that they can trust Allstate to take care of them after an accident.

Allstate went public in 1993 and has stood on its own ever since. It acquired Esurance in 2011 and National General Insurance in 2020.

Like other insurance companies, Allstate’s well-known for its TV commercials. It’s not uncommon to see an Allstate commercial asking, “Are you in good hands?” or showing “Mayhem” destroying people’s homes and cars.

Customer Satisfaction

Allstate holds positive ratings from organizations such as A.M. Best, S&P Global, J.D. Power, and more.

Here are up-to-date customer satisfaction ratings for Allstate:

Each year, J.D. Power releases a study on the best auto, home, and renters insurance companies. They score insurers on a scale of 1,000 points. J.D. Power breaks the auto insurance study into four large states and seven regions. They base the homeowners and renters insurance studies on customer satisfaction for the whole country.

Allstate consistently ranked as a top company in J.D. Power’s 2022 auto insurance study. Its average car insurance customer satisfaction score across each state and region was 824. Allstate ranked tenth on J.D. Power’s homeowners insurance study with a score of 829. In the renters insurance study, it ranked fifth with a score of 833.

Claims Process

You can file a claim with Allstate online, with the mobile app, or over the phone. To file online, you’ll have to log in to your account.

When you file a claim with Allstate, you can expect them to evaluate your damages and give you an estimate for repairs. Then, Allstate will let you know if they’ve accepted or denied your claim. After that, you’ll be able to get your home or car the repairs it needs. Finally, you should receive a settlement for your claim.

These are some useful links if you need to file a claim with Allstate:

Allstate claims hotline: (800) 669-2214

Cancellation Process

There could be several reasons why you may want to cancel your insurance. Maybe your rates have suddenly gone up, you lost some discounts, or it’s just time for a change. Luckily, it’s pretty easy to cancel your insurance with Allstate. To cancel your Allstate insurance policy, you must call your agent.

Contact your Allstate agent.

Mobile App

The Allstate mobile app gives you a way to access your insurance all in one place, as well as on the go. By downloading it, you can use the following core features:

  • Digital insurance ID cards
  • Policy information and documents
  • Billing and payment options
  • On-demand roadside assistance
  • QuickFoto Claim (this allows you to take pictures of damage and upload them to start the claims process)
  • Access to your agent
  • Allstate Digital Footprint, an identity protection tool that tells you about the info companies collect and may use about you
  • Allstate Drivewise (this can get you a discount on your car insurance based on safe driving habits)

Download links:

You can also get a link to download Allstate’s mobile app by texting ALLSTATEAPP to 25788.

Contact Information

Mailing address:

Allstate Insurance Company

PO Box 660636

Dallas, TX 75266

Phone number:

(800) 255-7828

Customer resources: