What Is the Homeowner Discount on Car Insurance?

Do you own a home? Depending on your auto insurance provider, you may be able to get a homeowner discount just for owning a house.
The house gets this couple a homeowner discount

Do you own a home? Depending on your auto insurance company, you may be able to get a discount just for owning a house. Some providers even reward you with lower rates if another insurer covers the home with a policy.

But, to get these savings, you’ll have to qualify. This means you’ll have to prove to your insurer that you own a home. Once you do that, you’ll be able to get a potentially sizable discount. For example, Progressive customers save an average of 10% on their car insurance rates.

In this article, you’ll learn the ins and outs of the homeowner discount. This includes how to qualify for it. We’ll tell you which car insurance companies offer it and how they run their programs.

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How the Homeowner Discount Works

Discounts are a popular method to save money on your premium. Insurance companies provide a variety of rewards to entice customers. To qualify for them, you’ll need to meet your insurer’s requirements.

You can often combine discounts like multi-car and multi-policy to save even more money. Note that the exact amount that you save varies depending on your insurer.

The homeowner discount is available to drivers who own a home. In most cases, you qualify even if your house is insured by another company. Keep in mind that not all dwelling types qualify. Mobile homes and recreational vehicles (RVs) generally don’t count as a home.

How to Qualify

Only homeowners will be able to get this discount. To get it, you’ll need to somehow prove to your auto coverage provider that you own a home. The types of homes that are generally acceptable for insurers are:

  • Townhomes
  • Homes
  • Condos

There are a few ways that you can do so. In general, these types of proof are the best ways to prove that you own a home:

  • Mortgage Payment Coupon. A mortgage payment coupon is one way to prove that you own a home. Mortgage coupon books exist to help you keep track of and make mortgage payments.
  • Homeowners Insurance Declaration. This document would be able to display your homeownership. It lists all relevant information about your current homeowners policy.
  • Property Tax Assessment. A tax assessment of your home will help you prove your ownership. Your local tax office will be able to produce this document for you.

Note that the documents above may or may not be enough to prove homeownership. You should consult with your insurer to find out what you must provide.

In general, your insurance company will simply need some form of official proof to refer to. If your home and car are both under the same policy, it may be easier for you. This is because they’ll already have a record of your homeownership.

Auto Insurers With the Homeowner Discount

Many companies offer the homeowner discount, but not all of them do. Not only that, but they also run their programs their own way. Here’s a list of major insurance companies that offer these savings to customers:

Liberty Mutual

Liberty Mutual offers auto insurance savings for customers that own a home. You don’t need to insure your house with them to qualify. Liberty Mutual doesn’t disclose an exact amount of savings. This number will likely vary depending on the state and between each driver.


Once you prove that you own a home, you’ll be eligible for Progressive’s version of this discount. Also, you don’t need a Progressive homeowners policy to qualify. On average, drivers save about 10%.

Farmers Insurance

Another company giving homeowners a break is Farmers. They don’t tell customers how much they’ll save beforehand. But they make it very easy to qualify. Farmers doesn’t even need to be your home insurance provider. You’ll need to speak with your agent for more info on how much you save.


Owning a home or condo can lower your Travelers premium. They don’t tell customers how much they’ll be able to save on their website. Your agent may have more details about your exact savings. Generally, this will depend on both details about you and state laws.

Direct Auto

Direct Auto is a non-standard insurer that offers coverage to high-risk drivers. You’ll be able to get a discount from them if you own a home. According to Direct Auto, you can save up to 15%. To get it, you’ll need to own a house, townhouse, or condo.

State Farm

State Farm only offers this to Florida homeowners. These lucky folk can save a bit on their motorcycle or auto coverage just by owning a home.


If you’ve already insured a home, Dairyland will take a little off your premium. Depending on your state, even a renters policy could qualify you. Definitely contact Dairyland directly or ask an agent about it.


Amica says that you just need to own a home and have it insured to qualify. You can get it even if your home is insured by another company. To find out how much you’ll save and other details, be sure to contact Amica.


With Kemper, savings apply if someone on your auto policy has a homeowners policy. As long as the auto and home addresses match, you could qualify.

Bundling Can Also Help Homeowners Save Money

The homeowner discount is a great way to save money on your car insurance. But bundling your home and auto with the same company reduces rates the most. Some insurers refer to combing homeowners and car insurance as multi-policy discounts, which save you anywhere from 4 to 28% on your policy.

Keeping your home and auto policies under one roof can also make your life easier. You’ll have less to keep track of and only one payment to make. It also might make it easier to get the homeowner discount. Your insurer will already know that you own a house, so you may not need to provide further proof. Speak with your agent if you don’t see this deduction on your premium yet but have bundled your policies.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does my RV count for the homeowner discount?

Recreational vehicles or RVs don’t count as a home and won’t qualify for this discount. You’ll generally need to own a house, townhouse, or condo to qualify. RVs and mobile homes normally don’t qualify. Be sure to speak with your insurer to find out what they accept as a home.

How do I prove that I am a homeowner?

To prove that you’re a homeowner, you’ll need to provide official documentation that proves your ownership. This could be a tax form, insurance document, or mortgage coupon. You may need to ask your agent about what they count as an acceptable form of proof.

Do I need homeowners insurance to get this discount?

You usually won’t need a homeowners policy with the same company as your auto coverage to qualify. But it might make it easier to prove that you own a home. You can also bundle your home and auto policies to save even more money.


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