What Is the Safe Driver Discount?

Driving safely is the right thing to do. It can also earn you a safe driver discount on your car insurance. Discover how to get it.
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The safe driver discount is an insurers’ way of thanking policyholders for avoiding tickets, accidents, and anything else that might result in filing a claim. It’s not as easy as it sounds. Good drivers share the road with, let’s just say, less skilled motorists. But if you can obey the law and steer clear of car crashes, you might qualify for a safe driver discount and save lots of money on your auto insurance.

Car insurance companies give discounts to drivers with a proven track record of safe driving. Your driving record must typically be clean for around five years under the same insurer before you can get the safe driver discount.

This article will explain everything you should know about the safe driver discount, including:

  • What it is and how to get it
  • Who offers it
  • Other safe driving programs
  • Frequently asked questions

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What is the Safe Driver Discount?

The safe driver discount is a way for insurers to reward drivers who maintain a good driving record. That is, you could save big on insurance if you or other people on your policy can avoid tickets, accidents, or filing claims.

According to the Insurance Information Institute (III), your driving record is one of the top factors that goes into your car insurance rates. Your rates will naturally be lower if you always stay safe. But, depending on your provider, a safe driving discount could save you about 30% on insurance.

Auto insurance companies sometimes offer a safe driving discount as one discount or as a range of discounts related to driving safely. For example, some companies could offer an accident forgiveness discount if you’ve been a safe driver for at least five years. With this kind of safe driving discount, you could avoid rate increases if you get into an accident.

How to Get the Safe Driving Discount

Some insurers may want you to enroll in a safe driving program before you can qualify for a good driving discount. Each company will likely have a unique name for its program. These programs might watch your claim history over a short period and give you a discount. Or they may even want you to use a beacon device or mobile app to observe your driving in real-time.

Below are some things you can do to get the safe driver discount:

  • Stay out of accidents, especially ones where you’re at fault
  • Don’t get points on your driving record from DUIs/DWIs, reckless driving, tickets, and other violations
  • Try to avoid having any expensive comprehensive claims
  • Enroll in your insurer’s safe driving program if they have one
  • Develop or keep up good driving habits

You can’t always control everything as you drive or as your car sits in your driveway. Accidents can happen all the time. But doing most of the above should put you in a great position to get a safe driver discount from your car insurance company.

Who Offers Safe Driver Discounts?

Many of the major auto insurance companies offer at least some kind of safe driver discount to their customers. Though it can come in different forms and names, your insurer likely has a discount for good drivers.

As mentioned, many insurers offer the safe driver discount as a class of discounts rather than one discount. For instance, you could get a safe driving discount from your insurer for things like going several years without an accident or even using your seatbelt.

Below are some of the top car insurance providers and info about the safe driver discounts they have:

Note: these discounts may not be available in some states. Double-check with your insurer or compare quotes to find out if you qualify for a safe driver discount.


Nationwide offers an optional safe driving program called SmartRide. They say that customers can save up to 40% on their car insurance by enrolling. They’ll also give you an extra 15% discount just for signing up.

The SmartRide program requires you to download an app that monitors how safe you drive. It’ll give a discount based on four things:

  1. Miles driven
  2. Braking and acceleration
  3. How long you’re idle
  4. How often you drive at night

Note: SmartRide won’t raise your rates if you don’t drive well enough to get a discount. Nationwide clarifies that the app is free to use and only exists to give you a chance for a safe driver discount. Check with your agent to find out how SmartRide works.


GEICO has two safe driver discounts. You can find them listed under their “Discounts for Driving History and Habits” category:

  • Five-Year Accident-Free Good Driver Discount. You can get a discount on your car insurance premium if you avoid accidents for five years. GEICO says that this discount can save up to 22%.
  • Seatbelt Use Discount. You can qualify for a discount on your personal injury protection (PIP) and medical payments coverage (MedPay) if you always use your seatbelt. This is generally an affirmation that you must sign. Be sure to contact your GEICO insurance agent for more exact info on how this works.

DriveEasy is another GEICO program that can help you save money on car insurance. Like Nationwide’s program, it’s a mobile app that checks your driving behavior such as how hard you brake and how far you drive. Get in touch with your agent to find out how GEICO’s safe driving program works and how much you can save.

State Farm

Drive Safe & Save is State Farm’s safe driving program that can save you roughly 30% on your insurance. To qualify for savings, they recommend downloading either their app or OnStar. Like the above auto insurers, State Farm will calculate your discount based on your driving habits. Check with your agentor visit their website to find out how State Farm’s Drive Safe & Save program works.


Allstate is another company that’ll give you a discount for being a good driver. You’ll need to sign up for the Allstate Safe Driving Bonus program to get the discount. Their website says you’ll get a bonus for every six months you go without an accident. Contact your Allstate agent for detailed info about how the Safe Driving Bonus works. They’ll be able to help you sign up and give you an idea of how much you can save.


You can get a safe driver discount from Progressive using their Snapshot program. After enrolling, you can take advantage of the program by either using the app or a plug-in device for your car. Progressive will track your driving traits and other things such as the time of day to determine your discount.

Be aware that the Snapshot program and some of its discounts aren’t available in every state. We recommend talking to your agent to see if you can use Snapshot in your state. They’ll also be able to explain how the Progressive Snapshot program works and help you get started.


USAA offers a safe driver discount via the SafePilot program that helps you save around 30% on auto insurance. Safe drivers can save 10% just by enrolling in the program. Once you’re enrolled, you’ll need to get the app and drive safely. USAA will eventually tell you how well you’re driving and when you can start getting a discount.

Contact your agent or log into your account for more details about how the USAA SafePilot program works. Either method will get you started and signed up so that you can take advantage of this discount’s savings.


Farmers offers a safe drivers discount via their Signal program. Just like other insurers’ programs, you must download an app that watches and scores you while you drive. Contact your agent to find out how Farmers’ Signal program works. They’ll help you enroll and tell you how much you can get knocked off your car insurance.


Travelers has a safe driving discount for people who stay away from tickets or accidents. Talk to your Travelers insurance agent to see exactly how much you can save and how long it takes to qualify.

Liberty Mutual

Liberty Mutual will likely give you the following two discounts for safe driving depending on your state:

  • An accident-free discount if you can go a long time without an accident
  • A violation-free discount if you can go a long time without tickets or other violations

RightTrack by Liberty Mutual is a safe driving program, which can save you up to 30% on car insurance. If it’s available in your state, you can enroll, download the app, and it’ll track you while you drive. Talk to your agent to find out how the Liberty Mutual RightTrack program works.

American Family

American Family offers a good driving discount to those who keep their driving record clear of tickets, accidents, or other types of claims for five years.

AmFam also has a safe driving program called KnowYourDrive that tracks your driving habits. You can get up to a 20% discount and a 10% sign-up discount if you use the program. Be sure to speak to your American Family agent to learn more.


Mercury doesn’t disclose how long you need to go without having an accident or getting a ticket. But they say that after a specified time, you may qualify for their good driver discount. You’ll need to contact Mercury to find out the details.

COUNTRY Financial

It’s in every insurance company’s best interest to promote safe driving practices. Doing their part, COUNTRY offers a good driver discount to customers that go three years with no accidents or tickets. If you think you’ve hit this milestone, contact COUNTRY to find out if you qualify.


Shelter may have the best safe driver discount. First off, a discount applies when you switch to Shelter and have been accident-free for three years. After three more years of accident-free driving, an additional discount may be awarded. And finally, after yet another three years of no accidents or tickets, Shelter may offer one final discount. For safe drivers, these savings could really add up.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why don’t all car insurance companies have a safe driver discount?

A: Almost every auto insurance company has safe driver discounts. But each provider typically lists it with a different name and features. Check with your insurer to see if it has discounts or programs to lower rates for good drivers.

Q: Can driving safely lower my car insurance rates?

A: Driving safe can lower your auto insurance rates and keep them there. You can avoid an increase in your rates if you maintain a good driving record. And depending on where you live and your insurer, you can also qualify for a safe driver discount.

Q: Which car insurance companies offer a safe driver discount?

A: Most major car insurance companies offer a safe driver discount, either as a class of discounts or a program. Keep in mind, however, that some discounts won’t apply in every state. Be sure to talk to your insurer to find out if you can get a good driver discount.

Q: How do you get the safe driver discount?

A: Each insurance company has its own rules for who qualifies for safe driver discounts. A few insurers give the discount to anyone that goes ticket- and accident-free for a number of years. But some providers will only discount your auto insurance if you enroll in a telematics program. The good news is that anyone in a qualifying state can enroll and usually get an immediate discount for signing up. After that, your savings are in your own hands because the safer you drive, the more you save.


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