Auto Insurance Discounts

Discounts are a great way to save money on car insurance. Discover which discounts you may qualify for and how to get them.

Man getting money out of wallet

What Is the Early Quote Discount?

Getting quotes before your auto insurance policy ends and switching to a new insurer can reap huge rewards. Learn more about the early quote discount.

Driver filling out insurance claim form

What Is the Claims-Free Discount?

Do you have a a clean driving record with no history of filing a single auto insurance claim? You could be eligible for the claims-free discount. Learn more about it here.

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What Is the Low Mileage Discount?

When you drive fewer miles, you’re at less risk of accident and injury. Keeping your driving down can also get you a low mileage discount on car insurance.

Man adjusting his seat belt.

What Is the Passive Restraint Discount?

Airbags and automatic seat belts help protect you and your passengers from harm in a car accident. These common safety features can also get you a passive restraint discount on insurance.

driver holding the keys of a new car

What Is the New Car Discount?

Buying a new vehicle is exciting. But did you know it can help you save on auto insurance? This is how the new car discount works.

Man making car insurance payment

What Is the Paid-In-Full Discount?

Most insurers let you choose how you pay for car insurance. You could get a paid-in-full discount if you pay your entire premium in advance. Learn more here.

woman paying for auto insurance online

What Is a Paperless Billing Discount?

Is your desk cluttered with paperwork? Electronic invoicing can help you get organized and earn you a paperless billing discount on your car insurance. Here’s how to do it.

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What Is the Customer Loyalty Discount?

Car insurance companies reward loyal customers with generous discounts that can save you a lot of money. Find out which insurers have the best customer loyalty discount.

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What Is the Student Away at School Discount?

You can get a student away at school discount if someone on your policy lives at college 100 miles from home without access to a car. Qualifying families can save 5 to 10% on their auto insurance.

Three cars in driveway qualifies for the multi-car discount

What Is the Multi-Car Discount?

Is there more than one car on your property? Insurers could give you a multi-car discount. Here’s how it works and how much you can save.

smiling student in classroom

What Is the Good Student Discount?

Is a driver on your policy in high school or college? By maintaining a “B” average or better, you can get the good student discount on auto insurance.