About RateSonic

Our Story

We founded RateSonic because we believed there was a need for a place on the internet to get quick and direct answers about insurance. There are many websites where you can buy insurance or get quotes for it. Few, however, strictly center on guiding people with answers to their questions. Our focus is on making RateSonic the most comprehensive insurance resource on the internet. We’ll do the hard work and research so you don’t have to.

RateSonic is a family endeavor. Sean, Brandon, and Larry Canonica all came together to combine their unique skills and build a great website that helps people. They drew inspiration from several of their family members who work or have worked in the insurance industry, including Larry himself. We believe in applying the family connection that helped start RateSonic into all aspects of our company’s culture. When we started RateSonic, we vowed to put people first in the present and beyond—no exceptions.

Our Values

RateSonic puts people first. Everything we do revolves around the people we serve. That’s why our company philosophy demands high standards set forth by our core values. We call these values The RateSonic Way:  

User Friendly 

At RateSonic, we know it’s not about us. It’s about you. We value your time. So, we keep our articles short and to the point, including only the essentials. Our website is designed so you can get the right answers anytime, anywhere, on any device. 

High Quality 

When we say our quality is the best, we mean it. Our articles are well-written, well-edited, and concise. We rigorously fact-check before publication. After publication, we keep our content up-to-date. As facts change, so do our articles. No one likes stale answers. Our content strictly follows our editorial guidelines.


Integrity permeates the RateSonic culture. We value honesty and ethics. Our company’s mantra is to never be greedy, always putting people before profit.  

Objective and Unbiased 

RateSonic has no affiliation with any insurance company. We are beholden to no one. That means nobody interferes with our editorial process. The information on our website is completely unbiased. You can trust that the articles on our site are neutral and objective. 

Meet the RateSonic Team

Photo of Sean Canonica RateSonic CEO

Sean Canonica

Chief Executive Officer

Sean is a co-founder and the CEO of RateSonic. He is responsible for setting forth the vision and strategy for the company. He values information that’s helpful and easy for anyone to understand. Sean uses his communication and creative skills to build RateSonic into a service that helps people on their insurance journey. He holds a BA in English from the University of Washington and has three years of experience writing about various insurance topics.

Photo of Brandon Canonica

Brandon Canonica

Chief Operating Officer

Brandon is a co-founder and RateSonic’s COO. He oversees the operations of the company and assists in content development and strategy. Brandon leverages his creative skills and eye for design to help build and improve RateSonic. His vision is for RateSonic to be both useful and easy to use for anyone. Brandon received a BA in English from the University of Washington and has three years of experience writing about the insurance industry.

Photo of Larry Canonica

Larry Canonica

Chief Technology Officer

Larry is a co-founder and serves as RateSonic’s CTO. He manages all technical aspects of the company, including analytics, search engine optimization, site structure, and strategy. A natural creator, Larry has been building websites since the inception of the web. He carries over twenty-five years of digital marketing experience, including ten in the insurance industry. Larry earned a BS in Computing and Software Systems from the University of Washington. He lives in Long Beach, WA with his wife, Stephanie, and his dog, Hank.